Lorenay is a company from Spain which is a renowned manufacturer of children's cosmetics of the world's most famous brands, and the world market recognition has been built based on the priority that the product quality is the most important.

Precisely thanks to this, they have found their way to the consumers in almost all European countries and beyond, and the success is confirmed by 25 years of existence of this renowned company.

Product attractiveness, quality, correctness and cooperation support are all the reasons why we decided to cooperate with this company and to offer Lorenay products to our consumers as well.

We would particularly like to highlight the products of Santoro Gorjuss London and Paw Patrol (Nickelodeon) brands.

Certainly the most attractive brand for the young population is Paw Patrol. It is intended for almost all young ages and some products have specially defined product lines for boys and girls.

The Paw Patrol assortment brand consists primarily of hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, electric toothbrushes, shampoo-shower gel and also very attractive sets like gift packages.

Santoro products undoubtedly represent top quality and they are definitely the most attractive products designed to satisfy the senses of the greatest worshippers of this world famous brand.

The assortment consists of hair brushes, baths, as well as gift packets-sets.

The interest of our customers for these items, their desire to supplement their assortments give us the additional motivation for expanding, innovating and introducing more new items of this renowned manufacturer.