About us

Company Tahiti komerc Ltd. was founded in 2002, based in Begaljica, Grocka municipality as a small, family company dealing with the import and distribution of consumer goods. After 6 years of work, we managed to build a new office at Bulevar Revolucije 268B 11306, Grocka, and we have been working at this address for already 13 years.

We are suppliers for Serbia and we import cosmetics and home chemistry of the following brands: Jean Marc, Brait, Sweet Candy.

We distribute children's cosmetic products Lorenay from Spain.
Lorenay assortment consists of: children's sets, toothpastes, toothbrushes, hair brushes, shampoos and shower gels.

Besides the aforementioned, we have registered and protected our own brand called Tahiti Touch, and first products of this brand that we started distributing were lip balms for care and protection of lips which, after a few years, gains a leading position in customer premises thanks to its affordable price and very high quality.

We daily enlarge out network of over 2000 customers throughout Serbia, constantly acquiring new, selected customers always trying to give priority to the needs of customers first and to find a solution in every way so that our customers are respected and satisfied with our cooperation.

Our aim is to cooperate with fair customers, in the long term, and we cooperate with mixed stores, mega and super markets, perfumeries, home chemists, gift shops, pharmacies, bookstores as well as all other retail facilities whose assortment is cosmetics and home chemistry.

Our products are being sold only by our commercialists.

The commercialists visit their territories to which they are responsible, and the delivery of goods to customers is carried out exclusively with our own vehicles throughout Serbia.

The relation between the quality of our goods in comparison with the price, the selection of items that we import and offer to our customers with whom we are constantly building trust, are certainly crucial things for the success of our development and the fact that, as a little successful company, we celebrated our 19th birthday in February 2021.

Our customers trust is the only and right measure for us to work honestly and correctly.

As we grew and increased the number of customers, we also grew in terms of the number of employees, and today we have about 20 permanent employees, and we also have a specially organized distribution for the whole territory of Vojvodina.

Enlarge your assortment, join the satisfied team, start working with us and show us your trust.

We will be pleased!