We are currently representing and distributing the products of the company Dramers from Poland and it makes our basic assortment.

Those are products of high quality and they are very affordable products for personal hygiene of Jean Marc, Man Perfect, Sweet candy and Brait brand products for refreshment and room cleanliness.

Dramers products, which are the largest part of our assortment, include:

Deodorants, perfumes, gift sets, shaving foam, shaving lotions, spray room refreshers, room refreshers - decorative, refreshers refillers, furniture refreshments, cisterns, refreshes and disinfectants of toilets, furniture maintenance and polish spray.

We distribute and children's cosmetic products Lorenay from Spain.

Lorenay assortment consists of: children's sets, toothpastes, toothbrushes, hair brushes, shampoos and shower gels. 


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