Jean Marc

Jean Marc products are created by the company Dramers from Poland including a wide range of fragrant notes designed to satisfy the senses of even the most demanding consumers of all ages.

The variety of fragrances, package exclusivity, durability and affordability distinguish these products and make them very attractive and wanted. There are lines for both men and women.

The product assortment consists of: deodorants, perfumes, after shave lotions, shaving foam, and a large number of items can also be found in exclusive gift packages.

Jean Marc products can be found anywhere in Serbia, in well equipped stores, perfumeries, pharmacies. For more than a decade, we dominate with our presence and demand at every customer.

Jean Marc gets the confidence of new consumers by recommendation every day. This is our goal, indeed.

Choose your own fragrance note, become a Jean Marc cosmetics consumer, show us your trust.